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Mont Blanc Hélicoptère Les Arcs has listed for your pleasure many hotels and restaurants where it is possible to land by helicopter. Let yourself be guided!

Off piste picks-up

Flights Experiences - Off piste picks-up - Mont Blanc Hélicoptères Les Arcs

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For all off-piste skiing and thrill seekers, come and take advantage of our helicopters to pick you up after your descent and bring you closer to your next destination.


Combine a 10min helicopter ride with a gourmet outdoor break to enjoy a succulent Savoyard fondue. This stopover will take place in the heart of nature, facing Mont Blanc.

10min flight + 1h gourmet break

we can also offer you a longer flight around Mont Blanc.

We offer this experience in partnership with the hotel restaurant “Les Glaciers”.

Flights Experiences - Heli-Fondue - Mont Blanc Hélicoptères Les Arcs

Gourmet flights

Flights Experiences - Gourmet flights - Mont Blanc Hélicoptères Les Arcs

Want to escape to a restaurant?

A feast for the eyes and the taste buds. Enjoy an unforgettable getaway: we will drop you off by helicopter on the doorstep of a well-known establishment or a star-rated restaurant.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team for any requests and we will provide you with a personalised quotation.

Parachutist Drop

Feel like adrenaline?

Amateur of strong sensations, we suggest you try skydiving in a different way in the heart of Mont Blanc! Discover a perfect mix between helicopter flight and skydiving thanks to our helicopter drop offer with our partners.

Flights Experiences - Parachutist Drop - Mont Blanc Hélicoptères Les Arcs


Flights Experiences - Heliskiing - Mont Blanc Hélicoptères Les Arcs

Off-piste skiing for extraordinary sensations. Taste the indescribable pleasure of making your mark on the majestic and fresh slopes of the Alps.

Drop off by helicopter at the top of a mountain, you reach an immense playground of powder snow or glaciers. If you practise this activity with a guide, you will leave memories for life.

Contact us for the organisation of your Heliski with our subsidiary Eagle Valais in Switzerland.


Are you planning to get married and want to surprise the bride-to-be or your guests? A wedding proposal aboard a helicopter or an arrival by helicopter will have its effect! Dazzle your entourage for the most beautiful day of your life.

For all requests do not hesitate to contact our team in order to personalise your quote.

Flights Experiences - Marriages - Mont Blanc Hélicoptères Les Arcs