Flying school

Organization approved by the General Direction of Civil Aviation, Mont Blanc Hélicoptère Les Arcs offers different trainings adapted to your budget and schedule. From initiation to private pilot training, as well as night flight and type qualification trainings, we put at your disposal 5 helicopters as well as a structure fully dedicated to the learning of helicopter flight.

Private (PPL-H) & Professional (CPL-H) pilot training

Flying school - Private  (PPL-H) & Professional (CPL-H) pilot training - Mont Blanc Hélicoptères Les Arcs

Mont Blanc Hélicoptères offers a variety of personalised training courses that can be tailored to suit your schedule and budget. These courses are given all year round by professional pilot instructors.

PPL-H Licence holder privileges: private helicopter pilots may perform the role of pilot in command without remuneration on any helicopter for which they are qualified, whether or not it carries passengers.